Secure your Mobile Device One Step Higher

Because of the increasing cases of mobile device theft and the preponderance of hoodlums’ attack, I would like to advise that you apply an additional layer of protection on your mobile devices.

For me, aside from storing my mobile device IMEI number in the cloud in case of theft, I have taken an extra step to protect my device by installing and activating anti-theft software. Personally, I use Kaspersky Endpoint Security, a premium security software with loads of advanced feature including Malware protection and anti-theft.

My recommendation; please use the following depending on your preference:

For Android users:

Find my phone:

Kaspersky Endpoint Security & Device Management:

For Apple Device users:

Find my devices:


Install the Mobile Device Tracker software, follow the prompt and ensure you have activated it properly.

Some important features:

· Once your phone is stolen, and a new SIM is inserted, the number of the SIM card inserted will send an SMS to the alternative number you provided

· The GPS location of the phone will be reported to a website address you can view the movement of the phone

· You can remotely trigger an alarm to ring on the phone while the thief is with the phone

· You can write a message (I am a stolen phone, please return me to my owner) to appear on the screen of the stolen phone and lock the thief from opening the phone away from the message

· You can remotely wipe all the contents of the phone to ensure your confidential data is not accessed

· You can render the phone useless by blacklisting the IMEI on a global IMEI blacklist portal to make the phone not work on any network.

Your Cybersecurity Analyst

Destiny Young




A prolific internet expert obsessed with technology. Cloud, Cybersecurity and Network Engineer.

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Destiny Young

Destiny Young

A prolific internet expert obsessed with technology. Cloud, Cybersecurity and Network Engineer.

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